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Posted by Alyssa on 10/21/16 10:46 AM
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This week, 2-Story has put a decided focus on inspiration. We took a day-trip to our sky-scraping neighbor to the south during Chicago Ideas Week. (Thankfully, our trip did not coincide with a Cubs home game! Go .... Cubs?)

We had the chance to hear advertising industry greats like Britt Nolan, Paul Charney, and Khaleed Juma. Charles Duhigg, New York Times reporter & author; Tinker Hatfield, renowned Nike shoe 
designer; and Jesse Itzler, 90s rapper & entrepreneur, amused us with tales of utilizing creativity in the workplace – even in typically "uncreative" industries.

The takeaway?

Let's shake it up! Do things differently. Be creative. Duh, right? We're an advertising agency; we do this every day. However – we do this for OTHER companies. Less so, ourselves.

What this experience did give us is valuable time in the car and between events to devote to contemplating our 2-Story routine. How might we change it? Dreaming is one thing. Doing is another. With some key action items, we're working on the latter.

We encourage you to take a couple hours and think of ways to challenge the status quo and up your game. From the top down, stellar ideas can be found within your employees. Maybe on the surface ... or hidden a bit. Give them some time to voice them – from company culture to the bottom line – you never know what amazing new avenues you might find yourself on.

Need some help facilitating a brainstorm? Let us know! Our "Action Item" #1 is doing just that.

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Sample "Graphic Recording" from a Chicago Ideas Week presentations

 How cool is this? A "Graphic Recording" was done of each presentation at Chicago Ideas Week by the Ink Factory. While the speakers speak, they draw, doodle and take note of the conversation. When you walk out – voilà! – a really impressive recap.

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