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3 Digital Marketing Tips for YMCAs to Start Using Today

Posted by Alyssa on 9/21/16 10:02 AM
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Whether your YMCA's digital marketing efforts are in need of revamping or initiation, don’t be intimidated. Here are a few quick strategies you can adopt today to get your Y on the right track.


1 List the Top 25 Questions Most Often Asked by Prospects and Members

Maintain this list and use it as constant inspiration for content. For example, you can write a blog post, dedicate a section of your e-newsletter, share a photo or video, or design an infographic answering one of these questions. Your content will not only be helpful, it will build trust and demonstrate your expertise on the subject matter. And don’t be afraid to recycle this list – It doesn’t hurt to answer important questions in multiple ways through multiple outlets!


2 Segment Your Email List

The success of any marketing effort relies on identifying, understanding and speaking to your target audience. So when you divide (or segment) your audience into sub-categories, your messages can become much more focused, relevant and effective. These segments might start with staff, non-members, family/household members, adult members, senior members, etc. And as you’re able to capture more information, they might be based on actions such as registering for programs, frequency of visits, whether or not they’ve opened your emails, etc.


3 Empower and Incentivize ALL Staff to Contribute Content

 From group exercise instructors, to lifeguards, to interns, to early childhood educators, every perspective can be a very valuable addition to your association’s content. Encourage everyone to participate by sending their blog posts, videos, photos and ideas to a central marketing contact or hub. Perhaps send a weekly email to staff with inspiration and/or run an internal contest to see whose video or photo can generate the most engagement on your social channels. Credit staff where appropriate, so they can build their own online reputation as experts and thought leaders.



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