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YMCA Membership Campaigns Ideas

Posted by Jessica on 11/4/16 3:19 PM

Everyone's thinking ahead to Black Friday and the holidays – and you are ramping up for your own big event. YMCA winter campaign ideas are at the top of your list. If your Association relies heavily on membership revenue to support the budget, the offer or promotion and how you package it can mean the difference between simply meeting goals or crushing them.

During New Year's resolution season, the target audience is heavily health seekers. They're looking for support, encouragement and a welcoming environment to help them reach their goals. This is an area

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Member Referrals: Hot like tamales!

Posted by Jessica on 11/1/16 11:15 AM

YMCA Member Get A Member. YMCA BFF Program (Buddy Up for Fitness). YMCA Member Rewards. Whatever you call your YMCA member referral program, its importance to retaining members cannot be understated. The latest trend we're seeing is the mutual-benefit rewards program, where referring members and their new recruits EACH get a discount for the duration of both memberships.

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Ideas + Inspiration

Posted by Alyssa on 10/21/16 10:46 AM

This week, 2-Story has put a decided focus on inspiration. We took a day-trip to our sky-scraping neighbor to the south during Chicago Ideas Week. (Thankfully, our trip did not coincide with a Cubs home game! Go .... Cubs?)

We had the chance to hear advertising industry greats like Britt Nolan, Paul Charney, and Khaleed Juma. Charles Duhigg, New York Times reporter & author; Tinker Hatfield, renowned Nike shoe 

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Keep it fresh. Keep it flavorful.

Posted by Alyssa on 9/28/16 4:44 PM


National Chewing Gum Day is September 30. Silly holiday? Maybe. But why not turn it into the perfect opportunity to step out of your bubble and assess marketing goals, target audiences and initiatives?  



Have you been relying on the same creative to reach the same audience with the same offer year after year? Just like a stick of gum, marketing campaigns can lose their flavor over time. Make sure to take a step back and review what people currently think about your organization, and what you’d like them to think. Through member/customer surveys, stakeholder polling and other informal research, you might just freshen up your perspective on their perceptions and be able to address them head on.

And though making assumptions is often necessary, don't forget to do some fact-checking and re-evaluating from time to time. Who is your target audience? No really, who are they? Have they changed over the years? Do you have multiple audiences? Getting answers to these questions is another reason to make data collection and ongoing research a priority. 

To thoroughly understand a particular target audience, first, get personal – don't define the group as a whole, but instead represent the group with a fictional, generalized personification of your ideal customer. You may have many of them! Use these valuable metrics to paint the picture, and then tailor your marketing efforts to their specific needs, behaviors and concerns.



Background :: Job, Career Path, Family

Demographic :: Gender, Age, Income, Location

Identifiers :: Demeanor, Communication Preferences

Goals :: Primary Goal, Secondary Goal

Challenges :: Primary Challenge, Secondary Challenge

What Can We Do :: To help he/she achieve their goals and overcome their challenges

Real Quotes :: Often the best insights come straight from the audience's own words

Common Objections :: List reasons they have for not buying your product/service

Marketing Messaging :: How you will describe your solution this particular persona

Elevator Pitch :: How you will succinctly sell your solution


For example, after this exercise, a YMCA might develop the persona of "family-man Frank" – the stay-at-home millenial father who's trying not to get too comfortable with his new dad-bod and wants the kids to burn off some energy, too. He likes lifting weights, but doesn't use his crossfit membership enough to justify the cost. The Y is the perfect place for Frank and the whole family - make sure he gets the message!



Whether you're a small YMCA, a large manufacturer or any organization in between, 2-Story can help you keep it fresh and keep it flavorful. Check us out at and 


We'd love to talk:    Tell me more!


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3 Digital Marketing Tips for YMCAs to Start Using Today

Posted by Alyssa on 9/21/16 10:02 AM

Whether your YMCA's digital marketing efforts are in need of revamping or initiation, don’t be intimidated. Here are a few quick strategies you can adopt today to get your Y on the right track.


1 List the Top 25 Questions Most Often Asked by Prospects and Members

Maintain this list and use it as constant inspiration for content. For example, you can write a blog post, dedicate a section of your e-newsletter, share a photo or video, or design an infographic answering one of these questions. Your content will not only be helpful, it will build trust and demonstrate your expertise on the subject matter. And don’t be afraid to recycle this list – It doesn’t hurt to answer important questions in multiple ways through multiple outlets!


2 Segment Your Email List

The success of any marketing effort relies on identifying, understanding and speaking to your target audience. So when you divide (or segment) your audience into sub-categories, your messages can become much more focused, relevant and effective. These segments might start with staff, non-members, family/household members, adult members, senior members, etc. And as you’re able to capture more information, they might be based on actions such as registering for programs, frequency of visits, whether or not they’ve opened your emails, etc.


3 Empower and Incentivize ALL Staff to Contribute Content

 From group exercise instructors, to lifeguards, to interns, to early childhood educators, every perspective can be a very valuable addition to your association’s content. Encourage everyone to participate by sending their blog posts, videos, photos and ideas to a central marketing contact or hub. Perhaps send a weekly email to staff with inspiration and/or run an internal contest to see whose video or photo can generate the most engagement on your social channels. Credit staff where appropriate, so they can build their own online reputation as experts and thought leaders.



Need more help to get going? Check out 2-Story's Digital Marketing Packages or drop us a line. We love helping YMCAs all over the country reach and engage more members, donors and volunteers. That's why we spend time building turnkey marketing solutions that leave your full plate a little lighter.  


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Give your YMCA membership campaign 100%

Posted by Jessica on 8/17/16 3:12 PM

It’s August. Can you believe it? If you’re not already in the midst of planning, you’re sure to be soon... Membership Campaigns! Those crucial drives to bring traffic to your website and through your doors just so happen to be one of our specialties.

Take a load off and enjoy 2-Story’s best offer of the year – we’re extending discounts from the General Assembly to every Y, through September 30. That means savings of up to $2,500. Don’t miss out – contact us today to lock in these special rates!



New! “100%” Campaign for YMCAs >>

Back to school means back to a routine. Leverage your YMCA’s family-friendly environment and child-centric activities.





“If You Give…” YMCA Membership campaign >>

At the Y, each class – each workout – each experience – builds, creating a wonderful chain reaction.




Plus, every campaign package comes with a donation back to your Y – up to $500!


Contact us now to lock in the lowest rate of the year – and give your campaign 100%!

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